Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Studio Time

Sometimes I need a healthy dose of quiet to think about art. This weekend I was able to clear the deck for that time. The first piece is a collage sketch for the Angry Landscape series, more appropriate today then when I first came up with the idea a couple of months ago. I looked at the Great Wave, a Japanese woodblock print by Hokusai from 1831 and combined it with a drawing I had done of Verace last year. The second piece is a watercolor that reminds me of the 1960's film The Fantastic Voyage, where scientists are reduced to microscopic proportions to enter the human body. Finally, I took a good look at some Ray Johnson images before creating a poster for the Book About Death show in Omaha. Johnson often reduced portraits of artworld insiders into bunnies or profiles, so I 'Johnson-ified' curators Millmann and Gilmer as part of my tribute to Johnson himself.

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