Monday, May 31, 2010

Save The Gulf: The AOL Factor

Those of you reading this blog know that Olivia's fundraiser keeps growing-- small steps and ideas at first, now big steps-- the story AOL did on Olivia generated approximately $20,000 in donations yesterday alone! With 4,200 facebook followers in two weeks, it's been a breathtaking chain of events. The comments from people, the emails, the kindred spirits we've met, helps to keep us going. And check her out on Italian TV-- you don't need to understand the language-- and have a tissue ready.
May I add on a personal note that Olivia has inspired me greatly-- when a child says 'I'll do everything in my power to help," how can you not join her?


Tina Chandler said...

Olivia is a testament to your parenting skills and a true compassionate spirit! You and Nadine have done a great job. Jax will certainly be an inspiration in his own right.
God Bless!

Tina, Luke and Cody Chandler.

We plan to show our sketch at our respective places of employment, at Cody's (he is 10) school and at our church!

modernemama said...

Her facebook page has shot up to #2 on google search for "save the gulf".
Bravo la bambina e tutta la famiglia!

Nadine @ BDG said...

Grazie! Thank you moderne and Tina for your comments-- can't wait to pick up the artist herself with Jackson and James from the airport tonight-- direct from Tunnel Springs, Alabama.

Tina Chandler said...

Hi Bouler family! I am trying to schedule a viewing and possible auction. I would just like to check the status of the sketch.
Thank you,
Tina Chandler