Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Color Controversy!

Did Apartment Therapy realize the angst they would cause by listing the colors they would like to have "BANNED" from decor? It's a wonderful diversion from arguing about politics or from suffering anxiety over global warming, so I suggest you check it out, along with the incoming flurry of comments.
Painting a room a color is often a bold decision. And sometimes you need to be prepared admit defeat-- like when I painted a kitchen lime green, or when the yellow in a room was too bright. What looks great on a swatch can be painful in an entire room, but I think to have a rather lengthy list of colors to strike from one's options is rather provincial. One color struck down is navy blue, seen here in my downstairs bathroom. I don't know, but somehow the color doesn't offend me.


heidi said...

Colors being banned!? Rubbish! There is a thing for every single color in the spectrum. They should go under the paddy whack for that. xoh

modernemama said...

wow, she got SCHOOLED! Surely it's not what color you use, it's how you use it. I'm a peach hater but I can see that it is flattering in some lights especially if you punch it up with an accent color. And I love your navy walls!

Mellene Reilly said...

I love that bathroom. I think using that dark a blue all over a room would certainly create a gloomy, closed in feel, but you use it in good proportion with white. My kitchen is apple green and fabulous. White walls after a while make me ANGRY.