Saturday, February 20, 2010

Key West Eats

Eating in Key West is as you might expect-- seafood centric. Some highlights were coconut encrusted grouper and pan seared tuna at Alonzo's, conch chowder at -- well-- anywhere, and the seafood stew at Nine One Five. But some of the best surprises are off the well-traveled path. A Cuban sandwich at Sandy's Cafe on White Street proved to be worth heading off Duval Street and waiting outside the laundromat for ten minutes. Stacked with a selection of cold cuts, cheese and pickles, the toasted sandwich was huge enough for the four of us to share.
Another unexpected highlight was a trip to Peppers of Key West. You've heard of a wine tasting, but hot sauce? Seriously, we sampled some amazing varieties and shipped home a case of our top choices with Billy as our host.
For ambience, we couldn't help but revisit Bo's Fish Wagon, a ramshackle of of a luncheonette. The food was the usual french fry fare, but the interior, a pastiche of old license plates, buoys, and the kitchen sink gave the space a junkyard rococo effect.
My one culinary suggestion to the city--- set up a proper beignet shop.

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Nadine @ BDG said...

I stand corrected."Croissants de France" on Duval Street serves up beignets! And I passed the place I don't know how many times.