Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Downtown NYC

As the East and West Village continue to evolve, the mom and pop independent shops seems to be disappearing. One by one, storefronts have changed from wine shops to Walgreens. One nice addition to the East Village on E.2nd St is the John Derian shop. The prices are a bit too steep for my wallet-- Ravena Flea Market it ain't-- but the atmosphere and the designs are inspired. The collage-style glassware makes each cakestand and serving dish a functional piece of art work and I'm thinking one might make a great bridal shower gift.


Clare said...

It is sad to see the cities, mom and pop shops disappear. I haven't been in the city for long but a subway opened up around the corner and you can see all the local deli's begin to squirm :(

Clare said...

whoops! Terribly sorry. I mean, the "city's" not "cities". Whew I need to go to bed, my grammar is rapidly going downhill :)

Nadine @ BDG said...

either way, I appreciate the comment :)