Thursday, January 14, 2010


Cherie at Ripe Art Gallery called for submissions to a Valentine's group show. Romantic, my work is not. True, I did paint the House of Love, a earthy dome with roots, but for this show, I was stumped. Two houses together? Cheesy. An object like a lock? Meh.
Focused all day on the destructive forces of nature, I stopped to look at these fantastic 19th C. German biology textbook images of fish and winged insects which James and I bought in the French Quarter in New Orleans many years back, and which now hang in our bedroom. I was calmed immediately. It reminded me of the beauty of life, the persistance of nature's renewal. It gave me home to look at these drawings, so I thought I'd share them. Englarge them to see the fine detail in the pen and ink. In looking at them, I knew I had to incorporate them into my image of love.


Spencer said...

Those biology drawings are extremely interesting, like something from the natural history museam.

heidi said...

I'm extremely inspired by the insects :)