Monday, January 4, 2010

At Home

Having a Sunday night dinner party isn't my usual routine, but last night's party proves that some routines are made to be broken. The Ripe Art Gallery show closed on Saturday, so in order to deliver my paintings to their new owners, I decided to get everyone together for a great conversation, to dine on Cornish game hens, and to raise a glass to the new year.
I love the idea of these 'homes' finding homes. Some paintings now mark bedroom doors, others live by the beach, and one Big Girl is off to live in a pediatric neurologist's office. Modernemama who was in attendance, graciously sent me these pictures of the paintings in their new home and invited me to stop by to be a part of the proper placement of them.
On a different note, James, as part of his 2010 resolutions, has decided to open up an on-line forum called Directing the Decade, hoping to create a dialogue about ways to improve the world condition. Check it out if you get a chance.


cluny said...

It was a great night, the perfect way to enter the new year, with brilliant friends, great grub and grog and beautiful art. Many thanks to the Artist,Architect and delightful offspring, without which life wouldn't be as sweet!

modernemama said...

they do look right at home, don't they? Thanks for an awesome evening and a tour of your wonderful home

Nadine @ BDG said...

How fortunate am I to sit around a table with such interesting and charming folks! xo to you both.