Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Blank Canvas

Most people consider the facade of a building as a staid, static surface. Open Up is an open call for projects looking to change that perception by sponsoring a workshop-seminar developing a digital facade for Medialab-Prado's building. The goal is to create a collaborative, dynamic space that addresses not only the urban landscape, but the community within it. If you've ever seen the screened Lehman Brothers building in Times Square, NYC, you've seen the interactive possibilities, which are both visually and conceptually exciting. Could our buildings serve as a new medium of communication like the radio or television, perhaps with interactive features controlled with a remote? Will it just become another opportunity for advertising billboards, or will it offer a more egalitarian exhibition of art and ideas? Medialab-Prado, a public center dedicated to digital culture, hopes this international workshop will serve as a laboratory for forward-thinking artists looking for answers to these questions.

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