Monday, November 16, 2009

You've Got Mail

Isn't it the most charming feeling to receive mail, not junk mail or bills, but actual 'thinking of you' mail?
Today I received two unexpected treats: recent pics of James' nephew Miles with his bass clarinet-- too cool, and then an awesome package from Abalcabal, a mail art project by Jennifer Zoe as a fitting tribute to Ray Johnson. Almost like a postcard from a distant land, my Abacabal package included pages of art created by artists from points unknown-- which included work by Louise Millmann and me. I loved discovering the collages, the sketches, and the photos, as well as the audio CD and sketchbook included. The sketchbook, a communal, add-a-sketch one that passes from person to person, is the perfect way to create an image without stressing too much about it. After starting it off with two line drawings, I am already considering whose hands will get to play with it next.

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