Sunday, November 1, 2009

Abu Dhabi: Yas Marina Hotel

This weekend is the inaugural grand prix in Abu Dhabi. A new F1 racing complex designed on a man-made island in the United Arab Emirates includes the stunning hotel by Asymptote Architecture. There are several factors which make this hotel particularly unique. Obviously the design combines a complex yet fluid set of textures that makes the building both modern and byzantine, a perfect mirror reflecting the juxtaposition of F1 racing in a conservative culture. If that wasn't enough, the track is integrated through the hotel, so fans can watch the racetrack from suspended walkways or the paddock from their balconies. And since this race is run from daylight to twilight, the lighting of the building transforms it from sleek and white to a glittering colorful jewel. Talk about destination architecture- this is one building I may put on my wish list to visit.


Chessa! said...

so beautiful. I love how that the shape seems to be so organic but the materials are so striking and modern.

Nadine @ BDG said...

Isn't it a crazy combination? Fascinating.

Chinee said...

It is indeed really fascinating seeing Yas Hotel in person. I am so amazed with everything in it - from the to the architecture.