Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lighting Ideas

Always a fan of light fixtures in general, I become especially keen on reassessing lighting placement and wattage as autumn nights grow longer. Candles, strings of lights, colored bulbs, dimmer switches, all make me wax poetic.
Although I've tried to curtail the flow of unwanted junk mail into my life, I am really enjoying my Restoration Hardware lighting catalogue right now. The lines of their Industrial Age light fixtures would work well in so many decor contexts, the expressiveness of the stainless construction providing just enough detail to remain interesting. The Clemson pendant reminds me of the Halophane fixtures we used in James' office, and the Sutton sconce offer a few variations depending upon the room's lighting needs. Is it too grand to assert that the right lighting fixture can transform a space? Perhaps. But surely we can all agree that the right one readily sets an aesthetic tone and ambience with the flick of a switch.

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