Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Flicks

There are so many movie options to match Halloween. From horror to gothic, to slasher, to humorous, this entry could last a while. Young Frankenstein, Rocky Horror, The Exorcist, all very viable options for Halloween viewing. As for me, I'm more 'Halloween-lite'. My picks this year? Nothing says Halloween like some good B-movies. Tonight is a double feature of The Creature from the Black Lagoon, followed by one from the Godzilla boxed set we have. Tomorrow we're going for some animation. There's the recent pic, Coraline, from the makers of Nightmare Before Christmas, about a spooky parallel universe. Another option is Spirited Away, an incredibly imaginative piece by the Japanese god of Animation, Hayao Miyazaki. I've seen it twenty times and I'm always blown away by its imaginative details. Don't ask me what it means; just know that it makes the incredible, credible. Finally, there's the ever-classic tale of faith-- The Great Pumpkin. In all seriousness, it is Waiting for Godot for children. How long do you wait for the Great Pumpkin? What alternatives do you have? Schultz was a devout man who infused the depth of his thought with childish irreverence. Of course there was a golden period with him-- they have an entire collection starting with the fifties, which are amazingly good all the way into the seventies.
I notice all of these pieces take place with the nighttime being a time of mystery, of depth, of transformation. My first novella, Searching for Moongirl is set at night. Most of my paintings, heck all of my paintings, are set at night. Surrealism, dreams, psychology, all realms of the night.
So on the night before All Hallow's Eve, a cozy night of movies and star-lit skies end the week in the most lovely way. I hope your night is wonderful, too.

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