Monday, October 19, 2009

The Best in Northport

Touted as the best restaurant in Northport, the legend of Maroni's is widespread, so it was with great anticipation that Louise Millmann and I saddled up for their elaborate tasting menu. Was it twenty courses? A goat cheese dumpling, a wild boar sausage, steak tartar, a Kobe beef burger, now one of our famous meatballs-- I was truly stuffed and refused to sample the last handful of delicacies. The wide range of tastes, not to mention the pace at which they appeared at the table, was definitely memorable, but made me feel a wee bit like Lucy in the chocolate factory. I nearly began stuffing my blouse with gnocchi and Belgian truffles to keep pace with the dishes. But the big discovery of the evening was the fantastic bathroom-- a vision in Fornisetti illustrations. Surrounded by these fanciful Italian pen and ink images was truly surreal.


heidi said...

I'm thinking, hey, cool restaurant.. gotta try it, and then I clicked on the Louise Millman tag & got lost in her stuff. She is one talented lady! I especially appreciate the youtube video. Would she take it the wrong way, if we asked her to be in the Blogina Posse?

Nadine @ BDG said...

She's right up our alley! I'm sure she'd be flattered!