Monday, September 28, 2009

Potic Cottage: A Work in Progress

The leaves are turning already as work on Potic Cottage continues. Hugs and kisses to James for his efforts on getting us heat upstairs, as well as making progress in the bathroom. Using white pine, he was able to finish the walls so we have some privacy. Although I had planned to search for a vintage mirror for the space, I found this round mirror at Lowes for $40 and I was just as happy. I also decided on grey for the tub, though I still need to do a touch up on the white feet. As for bedroom walls, we are making do with vintage fabrics, a concept that has grown on me more and more.


staci said...

It looks FANTASTIC! WOW I would never want to leave!!
Breathe in some potic air for me please :)

modernemama said...

If that's "making do" sign me up - that fabric is gorgeous

Nadine @ BDG said...

yeah, i saw it in an antique shop in Preston Hollow and had to buy the bolt.