Thursday, September 24, 2009

Canned Ham: Live From NYC

Very few of us would have the courage to a) write an intensely personal memoir revealing our lives, b) perform it on stage to a live audience, and c) talk about sex in front of our parents.
Tom Judson did all three last night at NYC's Dixon Place, with style, wit, and an accordion. The show, which was just a glimmer of an idea earlier this year, became a reality to a packed house of Tom's family and friends. Afterwards, we gathered at the Remedy Diner to recap the highlights of his performance. Producer Robbi Kearns shared with us his hopes to raise enough capital in order to kickstart a NYC run of the show this coming November before Tom hits the road in his camper for a national tour. If the life lessons of Tom's show hold true, anything is possible. For more on Tom, check out Wickham Boyle's article in Gay City News.


wickham said...

I loved your take on the show and the evening YES amazing I saw James and how did I miss you I had to run up to Harlem afterward with my daughter but we need a catch up. DO i see reviews in your future.
Did you see the piece I did on Tom in Gay CIty News/ It turned out so great with a big pic and all.

Nadine @ BDG said...

I loved your article-- you capture so much, so succinctly-- I added a link to it in today's post.
Sorry I missed you last night-- let's make a plan to get together this autumn.

2008 said...

was such a fabulous event!
hope we all convene upstate way soon.. with the fabuoulness of Tom too!
Great to see you Nadine ;)