Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oak Beach Photo Shoot

As the sun broke through the early morning mist, I met with Stacie Errera and Ken Hubbard from Tamron Camera Lenses for a photo shoot. Stacie and I have been keeping up with each other's blogs; hers, Chasing Picture Perfection, gives easy-to-follow and practical tips on how to take better pictures so I asked if she would be interested in offering tips on how to shoot architectural structures. Fortuitously, Tamron is coming out with several new wide angle lenses, so she suggested that she and Ken come out to the house to test them. After some sunny morning shots, we all agreed that some sunset images might offer a different perspective and scheduled another shoot for the evening hours. I am anxious to see the results for both and might present them side by side for your perusal and feedback.
A big thank you to Stacie and Ken, as well as to Ron La Barbara of La Barbara Contracting for getting everything ready for us. An even bigger thank you goes to the client for allowing us to show up at her doorstep at 7 am.


modernemama said...

They're going to be gorgeous - apart from the damn utility pole

cluny said...

this morning's dew left a definite damper (no pun intended) on the house photo shoot. Lovely people from Tamron and a wonderful design/blog mistress aka Miss N, well, we will see how the sunset shoot enlivens the house. Thankyou all for the great effort and cameraderie

Stacie Errera said...

Such a beautifully designed home! And amazing how the design works to keep it cool. My favorite part is the reclaimed wood posts and windows! We're looking forward to shooting the evening photos soon. Thanks for allowing us to shoot.