Thursday, August 6, 2009

Missing in Action

The long weekend led to a lot of action at Potic. Thanks to the assistance and expertise of carpenter Scott Yoder, we were able to resolve the screen porch, much to the dismay of the mosquito population who will now have to work twice as hard to suck our blood. The result changes our home so much that it definitely falls into the category of "Why-didn't-we-do-this-sooner?" I'm thinking of adding some arts and craft style stenciling around the doorpost, or maybe a porch-y motto-- suggestions are welcome.
Next up: the bathroom. In order to set the bathroom fixtures, we had to install some flooring. James rummaged around our remaining building supplies and found five bags of concrete and some reclaimed cedar. Sounds good to me. By putting the concrete under the fixtures and setting the wood under foot, the mix of materials will also be quite functional. Unfortunately we ran a little shy on the concrete, but had enough to set under the clawfoot tub and the toilet for the next time the plumber is in. My mother, who is in the midst of her own bathroom renovation, offered me her castoff sink, faucet, and towels, asking, "What color is your bathroom?" My response of course, "What color are your towels?"

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Stan said...

Screened in porches are the best thing since sliced bread. Not only do I enjoy it but my indoor cat loves it out there year round for watching birds and sun bathing. She catches all the crickets that start to come in the house this time of year too.