Saturday, August 22, 2009

CB2 Lighting

I can't help but love this pendant lamp from CB2. I love Crate and Barrel in general; their products being well-designed and within my price range. I bought my everyday modern flatware from there and I am as happy today with it as I was when I got it seven years ago. I especially love its weight in my hand. Lately, however, I've been drawn to their CB2 line. Perhaps it is the groovy colors or the sleek design, but either way, I'm always marking pages in my catalogue of items I like. If only I had a place to put everything, especially this Scandinavian-inspired piece. Right now I have another of their pendant lamps over the table at Potic, a perfect size and texture for the room, and better yet, it has a cord so no need for the electrician. But I can still admire from afar...

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pve design said...

Now that is my kind of light, fresh modern and just enough wit with the red lining.