Friday, August 14, 2009

The Blue Bathroom: Before and After

In 1967 when the house was built, this bathroom was certainly up-to-date. However time can be unkind, especially to bathrooms, and so my parents have slowly replaced each one in their home. Their recent renovation is to the "blue" bathroom, which had the blue meanies in a bad way.
Having already renovated the other two bathrooms, my mother, JoAnn knew exactly what she wanted this time around. What was originally a small and dark space, adding a skylight and vaulted ceiling gave the room a more airy feel. Fixtures were improved, going from the inexpensive and inefficient originals to a dual flush toilet and water-saving shower head. Looking for a modern look, JoAnn liked the clean lines of the granite topped vanity with the goose-neck faucet, but wanted to keep color in the space through the tiles and paint color. My father, Arnold, on the other hand, simply wanted to be done. Contractor Jim Benson and his crew were so patient, so meticulous, that both of their needs were met. Arnold even rolled meatballs for a celebratory Italian luncheon for the guys.


cluny said...

ur mom has great style now I know where you get it from. Love the color and clean-ness of the new bathroom. especially love the angles soffitt next to the skylight.

Renovation Therapy said...

Love the new look, but I have developed a serious crush on the original blue cabinet/sink combo.