Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This Time, Saugerties

In the continued quest for a dresser, I headed over to Saugerties, a functioning town with a hardware store, two independent bookstores, a couple of chic clothing shops, and places to eat. My favorite store was an ecofriendly house furnishing shop, Green. The seemingly ubiquitous egg chair in the window caught my eye first, and once inside, there were very few pieces I wouldn't want in my home. An eclectic mix of styles with a heavy dose of mid-century modern, the store offered handcrafted, contemporary, and vintage pieces. I found this terrific dresser and bed stand, reasonably priced but unfortunately beyond our budget. What made the place even better for me was the basement, crammed with all sorts of bric-a-brac and furniture that smelled exactly like my grandmother's cellar. One whiff and I was transported. After snooping around there, I went through a few antique stores and had a bite. Over lunch I enjoyed watching the foot traffic pass by, a mix of locals, weekenders, and day trippers. I may not have taken home a dresser, but it was a good time nonetheless.


Stan said...

That egg chair is (as we used to say) Dynamite! I seem to recall them being in colors of red, orange or lime green back in the day.
Love that style of dresser. Pistol Whip looks like a fun store too.

Nadine @ BDG said...

I love the egg chair in red! Such an icon. As for Pistol Whip-it's a very cool shop run by some fabulously beautiful folks.