Monday, June 8, 2009

Tea Lounge and the Barbarians

Last week, jazz trumpet player Jesse Neuman invited Olivia to sit in with eight-plus member band The Barbarians at the Tea Lounge in Brooklyn on the night of their last performance. Her solo is about two thirds into the first song. Even Jackson got into the act with some swift dance moves to the song "Nice Feet." The place was packed-- people lounging on the couches with their laptops, others crowding the bar, and a healthy dose of Barbarian fans. Founded by Tony Barba, a tenor sax player, the band plays some awesome original rowdy jazz pieces mixed with covers of "Everybody's Working for the Weekend" and my personal favorite, "Barracuda". Barba, now moving to Chicago, was roasted by night's end, lofted high in the air with drummer Brook Martinez leading the crowd in chanting his name. It was a great way to celebrate the music these talented musicians have created over the years as both the Barbarians and the ongoing Brooklyn Qawwali Party.


Vito A. said...

Great solo Olivia. It takes some guts to get up in front of 12 loud and over-caffeinated musicians and still keep your cool throughout your playing. Something tells me that the Barbarians will one day be begging to sit in with your bands!

And Jackson--have you thought about entering the "Jr. So You Think You Can Dance?" show--or at least starting it!? You've got some moves my man. I especially like the bow you take at the end.

Btw, the trumpet player seems really good too!

Nadine @ BDG said...

Vito A.-- your comment made our day! Thanks!

Tom Judson said...

I could not love these clips more.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is priceless. I'm in love with Jackson.