Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oak Beach Site Visit

Progress is being made on the Oak Beach project. Check out the new solar panels on the south-facing roofline. It's only a matter of time before that electric meter starts spinning backwards. The dark shingles on the tower are fully in place and look fantastic. As for the remaining portion of the house, there's been some discussion about the color, our client entertaining a few options. In terms of interiors, the bamboo ceiling on the barrel vault has been installed. A renewable resource, the bamboo gives the space a sense of warmth and softens the acoustics. Moving in is definitely in the near future, perhaps even my next Oak Beach post.


Blue Muse said...

oooh I love that ceiling, and all that southern light you are going to get?! WOWsas! I'm drooling!
xo Isa

Chessa! said...

that's really wonderful! I love it. I really like how organic it looks.