Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Gift of Art

I've become a big fan of buying small pieces of original artwork as gifts. It pleases me to support an artist as well as giving someone a unique gift. Etsy, where I've found some fantastic artwork at reasonable prices, is a great forum for locating diverse original artwork. Recently I've bought a photo from the NYC photographer Monica Schulman whom I found through her blog Ciao, Chessa! Her images of Italian architecture seems to suit my father perfectly, who went to Italy so often and with so many relatives that he became a travel agent on the side. I selected one of her black and white rooftops for him for Father's day.
As for the other images, I discovered Rachel Austin's encaustic paintings on line. I loved the mix of flying objects, floating over maps and landscapes. Two birds perched on power lines with a map of far away destinations reminded me immediately of my life with James, so I gave it to him as we celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary today.
Both artists were gracious in sending lovely personal notes along with the artwork and made me feel as if I had made a friend along with the purchase.

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