Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Decor and Text

I've noticed a recent decorating trend-- the use of typeography. I suppose it caught my attention since I love the look of adding letters or words to an interior space. The first pic is in my office, a natural fit for incorporating letters into a space. I am not alone. In the span of two weeks I found images in Harper's Bazzar, Better Homes and Gardens, and the New York Times, all of which incorporated some snazzy letters into their eclectic design. A fun way to add a letter or two seems to be in a pillow. I thought this eye chart one from Heatherlins Home was a good option, even if you've got 20/20 vision.

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Tom Judson said...

I love all this! To me (as a nearly-50-year-old person) the point of reference is Mary Tyler Moore's Minneapolis apartment with the big "M" on the wall. Yaay!