Friday, June 5, 2009

Brooklyn Bookstore

I always try to frequent independent bookstores since they often carry unusual books or specialize in a particular genre. P.S. Bookshop on Front Street in Brooklyn has both. Specializing in rare books, including first editions and out-of-print books, a bibliophile could roam the stacks with pleasure. With the kids perusing the children's section, I was free to sample the rather hefty art and architecture department at my leisure. There I was surprised to find great art books on the $10 rack, including a lovely overview of the Hirshorn Museum. While I was immersed in an architecture survey, a woman asked for help with a rare book in the glass cabinet, Arthur Rackham's illustrated tales by Edgar Allen Poe-- a gift for her son. Right then and there I swore that at one point in my life I would do the same for someone special-- for isn't it a great thought to give such a meaningful gift-- a treasured book to commemorate a significant event in one's life?

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