Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two Summer Shows

While looking for images of Claes Oldenburg's work, I found this picture of Soft Shuttlecock when it was installed inside the Guggenheim. Although Oldenburg's show this summer is actually at the Whitney, it makes sense to use this picture to highlight Frank Lloyd Wright's summer show at the Guggenheim. The show, which compiled Wright's drawings and models, runs until August 23rd. Wright, who died six months before the museum opened, has been criticized for creating a museum that overwhelms the actual art; however as seen in the Oldenburg image, the space is incredible when paired with sculpture. For example, the Cai Guo-Qiang show I Want to Believe in 2008 used the interior space in breathtaking ways. His dynamic, large scale sculptures suited the fluidity of the building's lines. I am anxious to get to the show so I can see how Wright's own work suits the museum space he created.


stacie errera said...

I admit I do not know a lot about architecture, but love the Guggenheim and I am anxios to FLW's work as well. I'll bring an architect friend!

Nadine @ BDG said...

As a photographer, I'm sure you'd take some amazing shots of the architecture-- would love to see them if you do.

Chessa! said...

The Guggenheim is my favorite museum in NYC. I am definitely going to go to this exhibit.