Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tween Decor

Olivia Bouler is turning ten this year and has informed me that since she is now going to be a 'tween' she wants a room to reflect her new status in the world. Spoken like the daughter of an architect and a blogging maven. Her room, an enormous space, is currently rather bland. It's not sure what it wants to be-- girly? No. Childlike? Sort of. Colorful? Sorely lacking. In search of inspiration, I went on line to get some ideas. Since Olivia is a bird lover, she wanted to do a mural, so I started looking around for some Scandinavian-inspired graphic images. This print by Jane Foster definitely caught my eye as a starting point. Then I found this great pattern from Carolyn Gavin on Print and Pattern's blog. Finally I bought these notecards at Target which may just have enough color variety to give us some options with her bedding. Overall it is a direction Olivia really likes, and she asked if she could get a lamp like my George Nelson Bubble Lamp. I found this pendant lamp at Ikea-- more reasonable in price for the tween set-- and a bean bag chair to enhance the lounge-y atmosphere the room seems to be taking.

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