Monday, May 25, 2009

Rattling the Canned Ham: A Bon Voyage Party

Leaving for the Dutch Caribbean island Saba for several months, Tom Jusdon's send off 'Hello, Goodbye' party was a smash success. With fab friends in tow, many of whom had never met each other before, Tom opened his home Idlewild and his camper Canned Ham for a sunny Memorial Day BBQ. Thanks to the name tags, our opening question thus became, "And how do you know Tom?" What was evident is that for many of us, beyond knowing Tom, we were creative folks who escaped our busy everyday lives to weekend places in the area. From Allan and Randy in Round Top, to Adam and Gregg in Freehold, Wicki and Zac in Germantown, David and Ralph in Athens, Bill in Cairo, Margo and Greg now in Earlton, and of course us on Potic Mountain Road, all of us agreed that our weekend places proved to be a saving grace, allowing us to unwind and in some ways, appreciate our weekday homes even more. As for the range of friendly people on hand, it also became clear that Tom collects people in the same way he collects careers: with wit and charm. We wish him well on his new adventure. Follow along with one of his two blogs: Rattling the Saba and Canned Ham.

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