Monday, May 18, 2009

Growing Up

Vertical gardening is truly a fascinating wall treatment. From strictly an aesthetic perspective, it brings a beautiful color and texture to architecture, both in exteriors and interiors. A vibrant burst of nature, especially set in a modern context, softens the coldness of those very clean lines, not to mention the salubrious effects of having all the greenery in your airspace. This week, Patrick Blanc is featured in the New York Times travel supplement, his green bridge project cited as one of the twenty-nine places which will blow your mind. Another unique way of using vertical gardening comes from Peak Energy, whose illustration for an edible house is featured here. Not only does the garden provide a wall which decreases heat gain inside the home, residents can have fresh fruits and vegetables from their yard even in a densely packed urban fabric. Interested? Consider checking out Greenworks, whose vertical gardens come in modular units complete with a self-watering system and a strategic placement of plants.

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swl said...

vertical garden, this is what singapore government strongly promoting now and they already launch the Greenmark as the benchmark and also authority requirements for the building industry here.