Sunday, April 5, 2009

Think Globally, Shop Locally

In light of our nation's economic woes, it's become incredibly important these days to shop locally. Despite the ease of on-line, one-click shopping on sites like Amazon, putting money back into a local downtown economy is good for everybody. As many small towns can attest, superstores pull financial resources and strip entire regions of small, independent businesses. I also find independent shops offer a more unique selection, especially for home decor and clothing purchases. Here are four of my favorite stops in Hudson, NY in case you find yourself in the area. Casa Urbana recently opened and offers a great selection of fragrances for home and personal use. I haven't checked out their salon services, but I was able to pick up an unusual birthday card for a friend and a Thymes body wash for which I had been searching. White Rice is a globally-imported mix of funky apparel and eclectic home decor. I've definitely done well finding clothes for myself and gifts for my friends. Kosa has some unusual and stylish clothes; I especially like some of the knits which are surprisingly affordable. And finally, Five and Diamond is worth the detour off Warren St. I'm an avid thrift shop patron, so I'm certainly not squeamish about second hand clothing, and the selection here has been edited and mended so that even those who aren't regular second hand shoppers can see the fashion forward potential in an outfit from the past.
So get out your reusable shopping bags, walk to your nearest downtown store and check it out.


Five and Diamond said...

Hi Nadine-
I enjoyed perusing your blog. Thanks for the mention, and please stop in and introduce yourself next time you're in Hudson.

Nadine @ BDG said...

Thanks Lisa, I'm actually wearing a brown and white polkadot top from your shop today. I'll be in Hudson later this week so I'll say hi. Best, Nadine