Wednesday, April 15, 2009

After Hours

James and I agree that you can really get to know a town by who comes out at night. Hudson is no exception. It's a college town without the college-- vibrant and a bit scruffy around the edges. We started our night at a great restaurant Swoon Kitchenbar, whose menu changes regularly. By using Hudson Valley artisanal farmers, it not only offers some of the freshest ingredients, but helps support the sustainable agricultural movement. James said his duck was amazing, and I was really impressed with the shiitake risotto, especially the fiddlehead ferns on top. After dinner we strolled up the street to hear some live music at the Spotty Dog. With a mix of people crowding the bookstore, the music opened with a soulful jazz vocalist, followed by an acoustic trio. What surprised us was just how good their original songs were and how well the bookstore was able to accommodate live music. We followed up with a nightcap at Jason's Upstairs Bar, which has an active lineup of upcoming events. We can safely say that Hudson at night can be as entertaining as Hudson during the day.

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