Monday, March 2, 2009

Ready for Spring

Not even a foot of fresh snow can chill my anticipation of springtime this year. I am all ready to set my clocks an hour ahead, loss of sleep be damned. In honor of spring this year, I'm planning some eco-projects-- First off, we've started some seedlings. Olivia plunked some seeds in a pot and I've got a pine tree going that's now about ten inches tall. Next up, we're starting our shiitake spores today. We had high hopes of using a decaying log, but reality set in, so we are starting with a smaller kit and working our way up to logs. And for a bigger project, we're setting up some birdhouses to combat habitat loss for our feathered friends. Check out But our greatest spring project so far is hatching a batch of butterflies. Right now they are a handful of fat caterpillars, evolving into even fatter caterpillars. We're just hoping spring comes in time for their release. Otherwise, we're pointing the car south and going on a road trip.

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