Monday, March 30, 2009

Growing Green

This weekend we took a road trip out to the North Fork to visit our dear friends the Thompsons. Pamela gave us a tour of her vegan-friendly, organically grown winter greens and summer seedlings which she has been cultivating with her friend Denise at Moonbeam Organic Farm. Then it was out to the Peconic bay to check on her lines of seed oysters which she has been growing since 2000 as a charter member of Cornell's SPAT marine biology program. While on the beach, we were thrilled to discover two osprey in their nesting platform and a healthy variety of shells along the shore. Pamela's efforts are definitely a 'think globally, act locally' exemplar.

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Tom Judson said...

Great picture of Pamela! I hope she uses it for the cover of her cookbook. All your photos are great, in fact.