Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hudson Valley Shopaholic

I confess I love shopping in the Hudson Valley. Even back in the days when New Paltz still had a shop dedicated to Deadheads, the small, independently owned shops in the area offer goods that only Hudson Valley shops seem to carry. I have shopped in almost every store on Warren Street in Hudson, and I've never walked into Hood and Co on Main Street in Catskill without picking up something for a friend or myself. And it's not just antiques and farmstands-- though those are great too. I've gotten clothing, accessories, art supplies, books, cheese, chocolate, lamps, and libations. Two of my favorites featured here, I can only find at Hudson Wine Merchant on Warren Street. Don't you love the masculine lines of the Hudson Valley Bourbon, which is distilled in Rosendale, as compared to the lines of the Canton bottle of ginger liqueur, which is more like a perfume bottle. Take the day and check out both sides of the river. You are guaranteed to find something new.


the paris apartment said...

I've always wanted to shop there but never found the time. Would love to see pics of your discoveries!

Nadine @ BDG said...

ooo a nice idea! And it gives me an excuse to revisit all my favorite shops, no?