Monday, January 19, 2009

Illuminated Signs

I've always loved illuminated manuscripts. Some of my favorite exhibitions center around these small and intricate works. I remember the Metropolitan Museum of Art where I've seen two shows that required close inspection. The Illuminated Manuscript show was mostly Fra Angelico's pieces, whose frescoes are in every monk's cell at San Marco in Florence, and have a simplicity that is restrained and elegant. At that show, it was lovely to see the nuns in their habits shoulder to shoulder with modern day artsy folk. What intrigued me was the combination of the painted image and the text. I then decided to make my alphahouses-- each house welcoming us into his abode. Then I attended the Indian manuscript show, with works created for the kind from the 18th century. Hanging next to the artwork were magnifying glasses, allowing viewers to see the amazing miniature details barely visible to the naked eye. Soon after viewing the show, I bought one-hair brushes and a jeweler's magnifying lamp.

Through the years I've done individual letters for children; however these two images are for two local businesses that I'd like to see thrive. Salon Eden gave me obvious biblical illusions to play with, but it was Verace, an Italian restaurant seeking to express the truth in ingredients, that really tickled my imagination.

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