Saturday, May 9, 2009

When Bloggers Meet

Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet fellow blogger Jane, aka Modernemama at Bouler Design Group's residential project on Oak Beach. Jane, seen here with the client, took some pictures for her twittering, and got a full tour of the house which is moving at breakneck speed to completion. Interested in both its modern lines and its use of alternative energy, Jane wanted to see the project in person. The three of us had a great chat about flooring, colors, windows, and geo-thermal systems. Jane and I brainstormed with the client about some finish ideas for the kitchen cabinets and the guest bathroom. The client's use of reclaimed and recycled products was inspiring, having retained some of the materials from the original house to incorporate as part of the new structure, as well as having scored many sample boards during a closeout sale at Home Depot Expo. Discovering all that we had in common in both taste and world perspective only added to the site visit.


modernemama said...

Thanks so much for allowing me a glimpse of the dream becoming reality. I've posted my take here

Nadine @ BDG said...

Your insights and knowledge of materials made for an amazing brainstorming session. Thanks for the post-- it's awesome!